Portfolio Companies

Current Investments

Chameleon Cold Brew, LLC, based in Austin, TX, is a manufacturer of hand crafted, cold brewed coffee. Each batch is brewed low and slow for more than 16 hours at a controlled temperature to produce a super smooth, extra caffeinated concentrated coffee with less acid than traditional hot-brewed coffees. Using only 100% organic, Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans and filtered water, Chameleon Cold Brew can be enjoyed hot or over ice. Chameleon Cold Brew is available in natural and main line grocers from coast to coast. www.chameleoncoldbrew.com


Realized Investments

Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of OSHA and ANSI compliant systems for companies that live and operate under conditions where fall protection is required either by regulation or common sense. Aircraft and railcar maintenance, maintenance on commercial rooftops, stadiums, processing and manufacturing plants in energy and other sectors are typical examples of situations where worker safety requires either fall prevention (guardrails, handrails) or fall arrest harness and (tethering systems). www.fall-arrest.com

Fortitude Capital realized this investment in March, 2017 upon the sale by Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. of its Engineered Systems Division to a strategic acquirer.

Fortitude Manufacturing, LLC
, based in Houston, Texas, is a manufacturer of tank trailers with the capacity of between 130 and 150 barrels. These trailers are designed and sold for use in the oilfield, environmental and waste water industries.

Fortitude Manufacturing, LLC was established in 2011, to address the demand for water transportation vehicles in the Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas. www.fortitudemfg.com

Fortitude Capital, LLC exited this investment in July, 2016.

Mountain Molding, LLC
, established in 1976, is a Longmont, Colorado based leader in custom plastic injection molding, tool-making, and contract manufacturing serving the medical device, security, pet products, and other industries. Mountain Molding provides superior production capabilities and design services and utilizes its proprietary "over-molding" techniques to deliver state-of-the-art products to its clients. www.mountainmolding.com

Fortitude Capital LLC realized this investment in May, 2015 upon the sale of Mountain Molding, LLC to Tenere, Inc.

Tchefuncte Disposal, LLC
, based in Covington, Louisiana, provides waste collection services to homes and businesses in a number of communities in St. Tammany Parish. Named for the Tchefuncte (pronounced Che-funk-tuh) River, the company has recently grown through the acquisition of two local businesses. With consolidation, 30+ years of experience and proven expertise, Tchefuncte is a solidly performing waste management company.

Tchefuncte Disposal, LLC is also enthusiastically exploring green initiatives and related innovative technologies. Partnering with Tchefuncte are several recycling programs and a vast number of community businesses who support the cause.

Tchefuncte Disposal, LLC was acquired by Progressive Waste Services, Inc. in August 2013.